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Storify Transcript: Infusing Technology Spring Showcase

If you’ve ever seen me post Twitter chat transcripts for different edchats, then what I’ve done using Storify is very similar. The Infusing Technology event used #infusingtechwv as its main hashtag for the event. Storify allows me to search for all uses of that hashtag and gather them into one “story”. I can always add other hashtags or delete ones under this tag that aren’t within the date range I specify.

One of the great benefits of using Storify is that there is always an archived story kept, especially if it’s a common hashtag. I’ve used it for a few things before, such as when my dad ran his first marathon. I tweeted updates and tagged all of them. Then I created a Storify of the event and shared it with him so he could remember his special day.

Perhaps later on I’ll delve into the uses of Storify.

Infusing Technology Spring Showcase Transcript

Infusing Technology Spring Showcase Overview

Today’s showcase was fantastic and a huge thanks to the West Virginia Center for Professional Development (WVCPD) for putting on the Spring Showcase. The Spring Showcase is meant to be an extra day added to the Infusing Technology Academy given in the summer. Participants who attended the summer session can attend this session free of charge. I did not attend the Academy last summer, but I was able to attend this free of charge as well. The goal of the Spring Showcase is for participants to showcase what they’ve done with the technology that they learned about the previous summer. It’s not about learning how to use it in the classroom, although many participants did give an overview of that.

Originally I had planned to make one blog post that detailed the Showcase, but as I look over my notes from the different sessions, I have instead decided to highlight some of the sessions in their own blog posts, as the presenters gave me plenty of information to create some new Teacher Resource posts.

Our opening presentation was given by a fellow Twitter colleague of mine, Derek Oldfield. His session, entitled “Yes, West Virginia, We Do Have Pirates”, focused on the Teach Like a Pirate method created by Dave Burgess. This is a method I’m not unfamiliar with, as Derek often tweets about it. I also have the book on my kindle, but have never read it, even though I’ve had it a few years. If you’ve never heard of Teach Like a Pirate, you should look into it because it gives you a new way to engage your students with your lessons and material. The momentum can be hard to keep up, as even Derek admits, but the results are worth it.

In addition to the 4 different breakout sessions scheduled throughout the day (each with a variety of options for presentations), there was a session scheduled after lunch called Digital Sandbox. Much like games that have the same designation, Digital Sandbox was a time for attendees to visit various tables and learn about some new technology tools that could be integrated into the classroom. With time being so short, there was little chance for the attendees to try the tools out themselves in most cases, but the presenters did a wonderful job giving an overview of the tool and how to acquire one. This session just made me add more tech tools and toys to my wishlist on Amazon. I did have some of the tools already, and I did love hearing how presenters would use them. More information on the Digital Sandbox and the tools presented will come later as well. 

If you’re a West Virginia educator and you’d like to get more involved with using technology in your classroom, then consider attending one of the Infusing Technology Summer Academies. For only $100, you get access to a 3 day session where you will learn how to use a variety of technology tools, plus be put on the list for the Spring Showcase the following year. This summer, there are two sessions. The first session will be June 20-22 in Charleston, WV, and the second session will be July 26-28 in Fairmont, WV. Your lodging is paid for if you live 80 miles or 90 minutes away from the session you are attending. Not too bad for 3 days of hands-on training! 

For more information on either event, check out the links below: 

Charleston, WV session
Fairmont, WV session

Myself, I’ll be heading to the Charleston session. If you end up going to that session, please let me know, as I’d love to meet up with any educators. I love making connections, and would love to connect with you.

Keep an eye out for my future posts on the Infusing Technology Spring Showcase!