snow days

Snowy Days in WV

As with much of the east coast, WV was hit with a large dumping of snow. Our particular area got over 2 feet of snow, and I’m definitely glad that it was light snow and not the heavy stuff. I’ve shoveled the past 3 days, and my arms are definitely very sore, and feeling it.

Aside from sleeping in and shoveling snow, I’ve either napped or read for the most part. I’ve finished 3 books, and been quite pleased with myself:

– To Be An Israeli by Roberta Kagan
– The Throwaway Children by Diney Costeloe
– The Only Pirate at the Party by Lindsey Stirling

Tomorrow there’s no school due to the road conditions nearly everywhere in the county, save for perhaps 50 and 28. I should work on the professional portfolio I need to put together for job applications, but I always like to spend snow days taking some mental health time after doing the necessary clearing of snow. It’s important to me to recharge my batteries and take advantage of the time I’d usually be working to instead do the things that make me happiest. Once I return to work then I’m ready to go and tackle the issues facing me, usually with a very good attitude.

My plans for tomorrow include sleeping in and potentially going to my mom’s daycare to see my favorite little boys. I need to do my laundry anyway, and it’s a good reason to venture out. My mom lives about 7 minutes away, right off the main road so I don’t need to worry about driving. Reading will probably be on the menu for tomorrow as well. As for school this week, I’m not sure when we’ll go back. I have a feeling we’ll be out Tuesday, but I don’t know about Wednesday onward.

Remember, enjoy your time off, too. Mental health is important, and what will keep you going until spring break!