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Dear Educator…

Dear Educator,

Today is the first day of a brand new year. As some like to say, Chapter 1 of 12, page 1 of 365. It is a day for goal setting and making changes. How will you grow and change this year? Nothing stays the same forever, and that includes you, dear educator. Education is ever growing, ever changing, ever shedding its skin. As models for the generations to come, we too must change and grow and shed our skins.

Who will tell your story this year, dear educator? Who will document your highs and lows, your reflections on lessons gone good and bad? Are you in charge of your story? Have you already set the wheels in motion in years past? Are you the captain of your own tale? Or have you ignored your own journey, content to let anyone take charge as they please? Sure, good things may be shared, but don’t forget that just might include the bad things too, the things you’d rather not show to others for they show you are weak. And while we can often admit our own weaknesses, it is hard to watch others not only display them for the world, but tear into them like a shark to prey.

It is so easy to find the negatives and write all the sordid, delicious details on an incident. Will you have documentation of your positives and good that will help to outshine that one moment of bad? Will there be moments of good to be found in your story? Or will you, the captain, sink with your forgotten tale?

We all have bad days. We have bad lessons and we have bad moments that we wish never happened. In fact, we wonder how they could have happened in the first place. An educator who has documented their story can provide many good moments to show that things aren’t all so bad. An educator who hasn’t documented their story cannot do the same.

Are you ready to be the captain of your tale? Are you ready to guide your story and share it with the world? There’s no time like today, the very beginning of a brand new year to get started. It’s a task that may seem daunting, even impossible, at first. Once you get started though, it becomes much easier, especially if you have other colleagues who are also sharing their own stories.

Need help getting started? Just ask me, and I’ll get you started on the right foot!


Rachel, aka tisinaction

Year End Wrap-up

Well it’s an end to 2016 in less than 12 hours so I figured I’d slip in one last (short) blog post before the year ended. It’s been a rather interesting year, and one definitely full of changes, but a good one none the less.

I am very pleased with myself for keeping up with my blog for the year. It has definitely made a difference in the way I look at my career and how I reflect on the things I do in with students and teachers. As I tell my fellow coworkers, it’s a way for me to also document my story to share with others. No one else will tell my story, and so it’s up to me.

I have many plans for the new year: conferences, projects, goals. I look forward to sharing them in my blog with everyone. Please enjoy this evening, and have a safe and happy end to 2016! Let’s get ready to rock 2017!