gooey butter cake

The 2nd #MysterySkype Experience

This morning the 5th grade class I’ve been working with had their second Mystery Skype experience. The kids were very excited to see just who they would end up skyping with, and apparently had been practicing this week to improve their skills.

Today’s class was Mrs. Linck’s from Missouri. We even had an extra treat from them! They decided they wanted to send us a special dessert from their area, but the teacher didn’t tell me what it was ahead of time. During our Skype session this morning we told her it hadn’t come yet, but that we were hoping to maybe see it today. She told us the class had decided we needed to be sent a gooey butter cake, which originates in St. Louis. None of us have ever had it, so we are very eager to try it.

The students kept their work setup the same, as the jobs had been working well. We did have to reassign some jobs due to student absences today, but that was easily done. The students had also decided to rework some of their closing remarks about their school and state. They split the information off and divided it between two speakers this time around. To keep them in practice, their teacher had been having the students pair up, each pick a state, and then try to guess the other’s location.

Our session began just after 9:05 our time, and the students set to work trying to guess the other class’s location. They did pretty well, although we decided that the biggest time consumer was the time it took to come up with and ask questions. The students are going to need to work on that part a bit more to become more efficient. The other class guessed their location first, and it took us two more questions before we guessed their location. I think the students became confused when given an answer to the question “Are you above Missouri?”. When the other class said no, the students marked off all the states above it AND Missouri, so that messed them up. It’s something that will need worked on.

We did encounter a new type of question today, and the students struggled with it. They were asked questions that involved latitude today, which they are not strong with. It was a struggle to answer those questions, and the students realize that they need to practice this skill so that they can become better at answering that type of question.

Added later in the afternoon:

We did receive our special treat today in the mail!


Check out our gooey butter cake! This was a treat that none of us had had before, so we were all very eager to try it. We can describe it as eating a yellow cake that’s about as thick as a brownie, and very, very gooey. It was delicious, but also very rich. That square of cake was cut into 18 slices and those small slices were enough to cure one’s craving. Only one
student wasn’t fond of it because it was too rich. The rest of the students loved it!


After completing 2 Mystery Skype sessions, the students are definitely hooked. Our next class is from Iowa, and they guess down to the city so that will be a new challenge for students during an actual Mystery Skype session. We may or may not get that far during our Skype session, as we only have 30 minutes to Skype, but we’ll try to get as close as possible!

Interested in connecting with Mrs. Linck for next year? Check her out on Twitter: @missinglinck3