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Lesson Plan: Budgeting a Clothing Allowance

This was originally taught to a 5th grade class at the elementary school where I work. I wanted to incorporate real world skills into our Learning Excel section. I needed to introduce simple formulas to the students, as well as teach them how to format their spreadsheet. Since it is real world math skills, I tagged it as mathematics, even though very few standards match up to it. However, I feel that learning how to create a budget is very important, and that this was a good start for the students. This can certainly be adapted for older students as well.

Summary: Students will use the Excel app,, and Popplet to
create a budget for themselves with a specified clothing allowance.

Lesson plan link here

Lesson Plan: Hero’s Quest – The Psychological Journey from Middle School to High School

Part of me has always wanted to create more resources for teachers that were beneficial without being pricey. I’m a big fan of and So many teachers out there have created great ideas, but sometimes the money is a factor when looking to buy something. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever spent much at all on either site. I preferred to browse the free stuff and download what was necessary.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a post on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook page about creating resources for others and utilizing teacherspayteachers to share the resources. Some comments lamented the fact that cutesy was seen to be a selling point, and not so much the content in the case of some of the content. I do have a few things on teacherspayteachers myself, but I forego the need for any cute clipart. That’s not me. I wanted to get a lesson plan out there without all of the bells and whistles of cute and attractive. Honestly I wish I could have posted more free stuff on the site. What I do have on there is marked as low as possible and I only make 29 cents from the entire transaction.

To me, it’s not about the money at all. It’s about making that one lesson plan that a teacher needs, and having all of the needed parts to make it successful. I’m hoping as time passes to be able to post more lessons for others to have. Time will tell.

Today we have a lesson developed for an 8th grade ELA classroom. It could certainly be adapted to a higher level, but the big focus of the lesson is on the transition between middle and high school. A summary follows, and then the link to the lesson plan itself. The lesson plan includes an in depth explanation of all parts, and an assessment rubric as well. Standards listed are based on WV, but can be adapted to other state standards. Once I gather the rest of the student samples of work from doing this lesson in a classroom, I’ll share those results.


Students will take the concept of the hero’s quest and apply it to their own personal
experience of the soon to be transition from middle school to high school, focusing on the psychological experience. Students will use to create a poem that demonstrates the emotional turmoil of this transition. They will then summarize the poem based on the speaker. Once this has been doing, students will take turns reading each other’s poems, making their own interpretations and connections.

Lesson Plan: Link