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Twitter Transcript: #minecraftedu on Building a Culture of Play As Adults

As mentioned in the other transcript post, it’s been awhile since I’ve participated in an edchat. I was happy to be able to return for last night’s #minecraftedu chat though. 

When we think of play, we immediately think of children. We don’t often immediately connect the term to adults, even though many adults get involved in play, whether it’s with children or on their own. Even as adults, play is important. Educators can engage in it to learn why their students play as they do, to connect with them, or to figure out why students make certain connections during play.

Transcript here

#Minecraftedu meets every Tuesday at 8 PM. Mark Grundel (@mgrundel) and Garrett.Z (@PBJellyGames) are the founders of the chat, and ones to follow for notices about the chat itself.