2016 wrapup

Year End Wrap-up

Well it’s an end to 2016 in less than 12 hours so I figured I’d slip in one last (short) blog post before the year ended. It’s been a rather interesting year, and one definitely full of changes, but a good one none the less.

I am very pleased with myself for keeping up with my blog for the year. It has definitely made a difference in the way I look at my career and how I reflect on the things I do in with students and teachers. As I tell my fellow coworkers, it’s a way for me to also document my story to share with others. No one else will tell my story, and so it’s up to me.

I have many plans for the new year: conferences, projects, goals. I look forward to sharing them in my blog with everyone. Please enjoy this evening, and have a safe and happy end to 2016! Let’s get ready to rock 2017!