PD/Workshop Requests

I am located in Richmond, Virginia. In the past, I have presented a variety of professional development sessions to my own district in Fluvanna County, VA. I have also presented at the West Virginia Statewide Technology Conference (2015, 2016, 2017) and the Virginia Society for Technology Education conference (2017).

I am able to present at conferences, and present training and workshops to educators on the following:

Google-based Workshops (30 minutes-1 hour sessions)

  • Google Calendar for the Busy Professional
  • Google Calendar on the Go!
  • Upping Your Google Forms Quiz Game

Other Workshops (1 hour+, depending on depth/level of detail)

  • Social Media and Building Your School/District Brand
  • Minecraft Building/Design Theory Workshops for K-8

I am also available to provide Minecraft workshops to K-8 students. These are designed to be 4 hours a day, 5 days total in length, with time at the end for a parent showcase. Workshops should have a maximum of 16 students. Accounts and server are provided by me for the duration of the workshop. Cost is $500 per workshop, plus any travel fees. More information on each of these workshops can be found here.

  • Camp Minecraft (K-2nd)
  • Lil’ Minecrafters (K-2nd)
  • Minecraft Constructors (3rd-5th)
  • CollabCrafter (5th-8th)
  • Minecraft Makershop (5th-8th)
  • Minecraft: Cityscapers (5th-8th)

If you wish to have me provide training or workshops to your students, staff, or district, please contact me by completing the following form. I will respond to your request as soon as I am able to do so!