Google Tips #6: The Chrome Omnibox

You may call it the address bar, but in Chrome, we call it the omnibox, and for good reason! The omnibox is for more than typing in a web address. In fact, here are some fabulous tips for your omnibox. I have included some of my favorite quick tricks. If you want to learn even more, check out the attached document at the end of this email.

Uses for the Omnibox:

1. Search: You can type search terms directly in the omnibox. You don’t have to go to and then search.

2. Timer: Need a countdown timer? No problem. Type timer and the length of time needed. Press Enter and the timer begins as soon as the page loads. Yes, you can even type “timer 60 minutes 30 seconds”! Also, you’ll have access to the stopwatch feature as well.

3. Definitions: It’s no problem to figure out the meaning of a word with the omnibox. Simply type “define” and the word and Google does the rest!

4. Roll a Die: Have an activity that requires a die, but none to be found? Or you’d rather not have them rolling around the room. In the omnibox type “roll a dice” to roll a six-sided die. Roll again as needed.

Chrome Omnibox Tips and Tricks Document

Check it out here!