Google Tips #11: Using Pre-Made Templates

There may be times when a template is needed to get started on a project. By default, Google does provide some, but very few. However, if you’d like to explore your options in G-Suite, try this tip!


1. First, begin a new file just like always:
—– Start in Google Drive
—– Open the folder where the new file should be created
2. Click new, and scroll down to the G-Suite program to be used
3. Do not click on the name of the program. Instead, move slightly to the right and click the small arrow.
4. A menu will pop out. Select “From a Template
5. The program will open. By default, Fluvanna will appear first, and the program will alert you that no templates have been created.
6. Ignore that and choose the “GENERAL” tab instead.
7. Any templates provided by Google will be listed there.
8. The only way to preview the template is to click on it as though using the file.

Video Tutorial