Google Tip #2: Email Signatures

Everyone loves having an email signature, but not everyone knows how to make them! Create a signature that suites you, and never have to worry again about signing your name at the end of every email. A signature can be as creative or simple as you wish. You’ll notice that I like to include my title, location, and links to my social media and resource files. You might have seen others that include phone numbers, school addresses, etc. Choose a combination that works best for you.


1. Open your email and look in the upper right area of the screen. You’ll see a grey button with a dark grey gear inside. Click this.
2. Scroll down and click “Settings”
3. Keep an eye on the left of the screen that opens and scroll down. Stop when you see “Signature”
4. Edit away! You have access to a rich text editor, which means you can resize, bold, underline, color, and more. You can even add an image that you have saved in Google Drive.
5. When you are satisfied, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click the “Save Changes” button.

Whenever you compose an email, your new signature will automatically pop up. You may have to refresh the page after you change it to see the new changes.

Video Tutorial