Google Tip #1: Adding a Profile Picture

When you first opened your account, you likely noticed that your profile picture was simply your last initial with a colored background. Today, we’ll work on changing it. Ideally, you should choose an image that presents a professional looking headshot of you. However, not everyone feels comfortable with this, so the fall back is to choose another image instead that is still appropriate. It may be an interest or hobby, a pet, etc.


1. Make sure you’re in a Google app, such as your email. Look at the top right of your screen to where your initial currently appears with the colored background. Click it.
2. Clicking will open a drop down, and over your current profile picture you will see the word “Change”. Click this.
3. Upload the image from your computer. Then click “Set as Profile Photo”
4. On the next screen, you can crop the image as needed. Confirm the changes. and boom! New picture added.

Video Tutorial

Keep an eye out for the next Google tip!