Organization, Communication, & Notes

Notes, communication, and organization are key parts of our lives, and these tools can help make both even easier! Check out these tools:

Backchannel Chat – Students can participate in online moderated discussions, whether in small groups or whole groups. Teachers can have students join with their Google accounts, and can download transcripts after the chat is over. Great for informal written assessments of students’ knowledge! – Create shortened, easy to share links, that also track data on the links. Know where the link was clicked, when, and how many times total

ClassroomScreen – Integrates a lot of small classroom management tools onto one screen, such as an audio monitor, whiteboard, random name picker, stoplight, textbox, clock, timer, and more.

Note Board App – Use this tool to save ideas and notes on corkboard screens, no matter what device you’re using. There is a website, Android, and iOS version available. Create multiple boards, public boards, save web page info, and more.

Padlet – Gives users a digital bulletin board where classrooms can collaborate on discussion topics or create personal bulletin boards.

Remind – Lets you keep in touch with parents and students via email, app, or text message without giving away any personal contact information.

Symbaloo – Allows users to create visual bookmarks such as they’d see on a tablet. Can be embedded into their Google homepage or shared with students. – This tool lets you watch a video and take notes at the same time, on the same screen. It will also sync your notes to the timing of the video, and save everything in Google Drive.