Google/Chromebook Extensions, Applications, & Add-ons

Are you part of a G-Suite district that implements Chromebooks? Are you just someone who loves using the Chrome browser? Try some of these tools and tricks to step up your Google game:

AwesomeDrive & Universal File Opener – Use both of these extensions hand in hand, and you’ll be able to create new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from within your Drive. You’ll also be able to edit the files on your computer’s version of Office, and then sync changes back to your Google Drive.

Chrome Bookmarks Bar – Create folders and an organization system for the Chrome bookmarks bar and bookmarks in general.

Draftback – Use this extension to play back the revision history of a document from its creation to the final state. A great way to check for cheating/copying in students, but also a great way to check progress over time.

Easy Clipart (Google Docs Add-on) – Use this Google Docs add-on to search for and insert free clipart directly into a Doc.

Extensity – Use this extension to turn extensions on and off at the click of a button and keep your Chrome browser running smoothly.

Formenate – Take a multiple choice quiz that has been set up in Google Docs and easily convert it into a Google Form. Don’t spend wasted time copying and pasting each question. Just select your desired options and go!

G-Suite Training – This Google extension provides training and interactive walk-throughs while you work within G Suite. At any time while in the G Suite tools, there will be a button with a question mark and Google colors around the outside. Users can search the database for answers to any question they may have about using G Suite.

Kaizena – Kaizena’s recent switch to focusing on Google Docs makes it easy to add text comments, voice comments, track skills, and reuse common comments over and over again. No need for a special account for students, and everything syncs with Google.

Power Thesaurus – Quickly look at antonyms and synonyms while browsing online by simply selecting a word.

Quickshare Screenshot: While working in Chrome, take a full or partial screenshot of the active window. The tool works for any device operating with the Chrome browser.

Right Inbox for Gmail: A Google extension that allows the user to schedule emails, set reminders, make private notes, and set recurring emails (paid option only).

ScanQR App – ScanQR allows students to use the webcam built into their Chromebooks to read QR codes.

School Video Recorder for Google Drive – Record video with a Chromebook webcam and save it directly to Drive.

Screencastify – Use this Chrome extension to record your entire screen, tab, or webcam, and save the videos to your Google Drive or local machine.

Sir Links-A-Lot Extension – Use this Chrome extension to automatically create URLs for Google Suite apps – template, force a copy, download PDF, and preview. Turn any G Suite app file into a shortened URL.

Taking Screenshots on a Chromebook – Capture all or part of the screen on a Chromebook with a combined set of keystrokes!