Tech Bytes: How to Offer Successful 1:1 PD for Your Staff in 4 Steps!

Last year I implemented a new program with my staff called Tech Bytes. This program featured 1:1 professional development for staff that met their schedule needs and did not occur after school at all. Each session ran for 30 minutes, and though staff may have taken sessions on the same topic, I tailored the way I taught it to the technology needs of each staff member. At the end of the year, I found that I had a decently sized group of teachers that repeatedly scheduled these sessions with me.

Reasons why my staff love Tech Bytes:
– 30 minutes of their planning period
– Based on their schedule, not mine
– Not after school
– Variety of sessions each month, with follow-ups as needed
– 1:1 mostly, small groups as requested

I’ve brought Tech Bytes back for year 2. I am in charge of both secondary schools in my district this year, and spend 2 days each week at each school, and rotate my Fridays. I’ve already set up my Tech Bytes for August and September, and as of this writing, have scheduled 24 sessions with teachers. The average teacher has scheduled 2-3 sessions from the 5 available for this timeframe. To compare, last year I only had 13 sessions scheduled for all of August/September. This year the form has only been out for 4 days and already I’ve just about doubled my sign-ups.

Want to offer Tech Bytes to your staff? Here’s how you can do it!

Step 1: Decide on 5-6 PD sessions to feature every 1-2 months
Before doing anything, you should have an idea of the sessions that will be offered to teachers. This year I am trying to make sure I offer both Google and Edtech options to my staff. I offer 5-6, but you can start with less in the beginning. Last year I tried to offer at least 3, and have stepped up my game.

Step 2: Create a Google Form for staff to select sessions that interest them
Google Forms is a great way to get staff to sign up as interested in sessions! If you are in charge of PD for multiple schools, you’ll want to create one form that leads to multiple sections based on the answer to where each staff member is located. Each PD question should name the session, provide a description of what is included in each session, and a yes/no multiple choice answer option. At the end of the form, use the checkbox grid question type to create a list of the weeks and the days available each week.


Step 3: Email staff, and include the link to the Google form
Once a form is ready, I create an email to send to staff to make them aware of the sessions for the month. This email lists each session with a description and includes a link to the form to sign up. I send the emails every Monday for every Tech Bytes monthly series. I use RightInbox to send scheduled emails, but please keep in mind I use the paid subscription because I send many different scheduled emails each month.


Step 4: Review the collected Forms data in Google Sheets & contact staff
I set up my Google Forms to email me when a response has been submitted about Tech Bytes. I then review the data in Google Sheets, noting what the staff member has expressed interest in and the dates they are available. I email each member, asking them to confirm dates and to select a 30-minute slot during their planning for PD. Once we work out the date and time, I create Google calendar invites for each session and send those out.

That’s all there is to it! I repeat the process every month until the end of the year. I usually feature sessions based on staff/adminstration request, new items from the Fluco Toolbox posts I write, or updates to other tools. Offering professional development as Tech Bytes has truly made all the difference for myself and my staff!

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