Fluco Toolbox: Extract Pages from a PDF

Welcome to Fluco Toolbox, a series of posts that showcases potential edtech tools for the Fluvanna County classroom. Each post will discuss the tool, the type of problems it can help solve, and how it can be used in the classroom. If you’re a Fluvanna County staff member and want to learn more about using the tool in your own classroom, please schedule to see your ITRT and we will develop professional development based around your needs. If you’ve stumbled upon this post and you’re not part of the district, no worries! Feel free to use the information provided to jumpstart your own research.

Have you ever opened a PDF document and needed to extra just a few pages from it into a separate file? Tried to upload a large PDF as a resource, when you only needed one page and had the site tell you the file is too large?

Today’s Fluco Toolbox tool is: Extract a Page from a PDF

First, the basics:

Name: Extract a Page from a PDF
URL: n/a
Cost: n/a
Problem this tool solves: Easily use this trick to extract one page from a PDF and save as its own file instead.

Today’s Fluco Toolbox is more of a trick than a tool, but it is a handy one at that. One weekend, my wife was trying to upload documentation from her recent Army Reserves drill. She had a copy of the sign in roster. The file was a PDF, and included 26 pages of soldiers who had signed in during the 4 day drill. She really only needed page 16, the one that showed her own attendance each day. When she tried to upload the entire file, the website told her the file was too large. I stepped in and began researching, thinking there had to be a way, and turns out, there is!

When you think of working with PDFs, you might think you would certainly need the paid version of Adobe Acrobat to extract a page. It would certainly seem like it, especially since this can’t be done with the free version. However, all you really need is your Google Chrome browser.

First, open Google Chrome. Open a new tab if you wish; it doesn’t matter. Then press CTRL + O on the keyboard. This shortcut will open the Open File window. Locate the PDF you wish to use and open it.


Next, locate the printer icon in the upper right. Chrome sometimes hides this bar, but as long as you hover your mouse on the screen, it will appear.


Once the printer dialog box is open, change the destination to print to. Typically, the default printer for your device appears, but when you change the destination, the option you are looking for is “Save as PDF”. Next, type in the page/s you would like to extract. Make sure you have looked at your PDF in advance to make this easier.

Finally, click “Save” and choose a new location for your PDF file on your computer. Once you’ve done that, confirm the save, and then you are set.

Save this trick for a rainy day. Life becomes a lot easier when you can create a separate PDF of only the pages you need from a large one!


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