Minecraft Resource: 4 Quadrant Template (Grass Version)

In a recent post, I mentioned beginning to work with some 4th grade teachers. They wanted a world where they could have multiple classes working, but each class separately contained. Thus, this template was created.

Name: 4 Quadrant Template World (Grass Version)
Creator: Rachel Moravec
Description: A downloadable world with 4 grass quadrants for PC editions of Minecraft. Students should spawn in the central building, and teachers using add-ons can easily set spawn points. Signs are posted to divide each class into their zones. Each zone is laid out with grass to make natural builds easier. Each zone is 402 x 402 square blocks.
Notes: This world works great on vanilla versions of Minecraft. However, it works best on versions running Spigot with the EssentialsX add-on. With this add-on, the spawn point can be set, as well as different warp points for each class. Please note this isn’t required, but optional.
Link: 4 Quadrant Template (Grass Version)

Preview Images:

Need help importing world files into your Minecraft? Check out this tutorial for more information.

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