Fluco Toolbox: Quickshare Screenshot

Welcome to Fluco Toolbox, a series of posts that showcases potential edtech tools for the Fluvanna County classroom. Each post will discuss the tool, the type of problems it can help solve, and how it can be used in the classroom. If you’re a Fluvanna County staff member and want to learn more about using the tool in your own classroom, please schedule to see your ITRT and we will develop professional development based around your needs. If you’ve stumbled upon this post and you’re not part of the district, no worries! Feel free to use the information provided to jumpstart your own research.

Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot in Chrome, but couldn’t remember the key combination (Chromebook) or wanted to open a program to accomplish the task?

Today’s Fluco Toolbox tool is: QuickShare Screenshot

First, the basics:

Name: QuickShare Screenshot
URL: Link Here
Cost: FREE
Problem this tool solves: While working in Chrome, take a full or partial screenshot of the active window. Tool works for any device operating with the Chrome browser.

If you’re a Chromebook user, the only way to innately take a screenshot and save it is to use a combo of keys on the keyboard. A shot of the whole screen is captured and saved in the Downloads section of the Chromebook. If you’re a Windows user, you have many options from native Windows programs to free downloadable options. However, if you use both devices frequently, or are simply loving that Chromebook, Alice Keeler’s Quickshare Screenshot might just be your answer.


Image showing the keyboard combo for taking screenshots on a Chromebook – Ctrl + Shift + Switch Windows

First, download the extension from the Web Store using the URL above. It will add itself to Chrome, and will appear as a Drive icon in a green box with a dotted line around it.

Click the icon whenever the need to take a screenshot arises. A box will appear with options to take a screenshot of the full screen or a partial screenshot. If partial screen is selected, the screen will dim, and the user will need to select the area of the screen to capture.


Once the screenshot has been taken, it will automatically be saved to a folder in the user’s Drive called Quickshare Screenshot, and also copied to the clipboard for easy pasting into any program or resource. The first time a user takes a screenshot, they’ll need to give the extension permissions on their account.

Simple, and quick, just as the name implies. Go on and give it a try!


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