PD and a BRVGS Student Update

I have continued to work with Emily, my BRVGS student. We have continued to work on developing professional development lessons for teachers, and this will be our busiest month in terms of teaching other teachers.

Emily has continued to develop two more lessons to add to her original Passwords lesson. She’s developed one on scams and phishing, and another on creating a positive digital footprint. We have decided that three is a great number of lessons, and we’ll make sure that her teaching is done by the end of the first semester so that she can work on her portfolio and other final pieces for her senior project.

It has certainly been a pleasure to work with Emily for this project, and I’m really glad that I took her on as a student. She has had some really good ideas, and has worked hard to research and implement them. She’s gotten pretty good at considering her audience and how much she can cover within a 30 minute time period. She has learned to think about how the information is presented, and what her audience will need for takeaways. She’s also learned to modify and redesign her lessons for different age groups. She will be teaching her lesson on passwords to a couple of high school classes, and she has had to consider what to do for students versus what needs included for adults.

Emily has presented a few different sessions at this point, and she still finds herself being very nervous during these sessions. She wants to work on being more confident, but this takes a bit of time, and it can be really hard. It’s even harder when you’re teaching your teachers, and she’s doing a pretty good job at trying to overcome this. I’m not sure I could have done much better myself in high school if I were in her shoes. I was always the shy kid, and didn’t really become confident speaking in front of groups until my college communications course. It is something that takes time.

She has asked if I will share her lessons online like I have with the Passwords lesson, and I do plan to do so once we’ve had a chance to present and make any tweaks necessary. I’m also planning to add her lessons to my professional development repertoire and offer them to staff. One of her goals for her community service was to continue to spread the information after she has finished with her project. I am happy to continue her work.

Overall, so far this project has been very beneficial to us both, and I’m glad to help out. I will certainly miss working with her once the semester ends!

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