Fluco Toolbox: Poll Everywhere

Welcome to Fluco Toolbox, a series of posts that showcases potential edtech tools for the Fluvanna County classroom. Each post will discuss the tool, the type of problems it can help solve, and how it can be used in the classroom. If you’re a Fluvanna County staff member and want to learn more about using the tool in your own classroom, please schedule to see your ITRT and we will develop professional development based around your needs. If you’ve stumbled upon this post and you’re not part of the district, no worries! Feel free to use the information provided to jumpstart your own research.

Have you ever wanted a quick way to assess students on their learning with a survey, poll, a word cloud, or an open-ended question? How about assess them on their learning with a poll embedded into a Slides presentation?

Today’s Fluco Toolbox tool is: Poll Everywhere

First, the basics:

Name: Poll Everywhere
URL: http://www.polleverywhere.com
Cost: FREE (K-12 Basic), $50 per year (K-12 premium), OR $1,000+ (Entire institution)
Problem this tool solves: Access to quick digital assessment options for classroom lessons and activities

Screenshot 2017-05-25 at 2.40.00 PM.png

Poll Everywhere is a digital tool that lets teachers have students participate in quick assessments with the use of a device. Students can use their mobile phones to send a text message response, or they can use any device to access a link to the poll. Teachers can easily see the results of the poll as they are returned in real-time. Poll Everywhere offers a variety of poll types, and educators can choose the one that best fits the current set of activities.

When teachers sign up for the first time, they’ll need to make sure that they select that they will be using their account in a K-12 setting. If you forget to do this, or you set up an account long ago, you can still change to a K12 account. Simply click “Pricing” at the top of the screen, and find the options for K-12. Under K-12 Basic, click the “Upgrade” button. You’ll confirm that you’re changing plans.

Educators should use the K-12 Basic plan instead of the default free plan because educators get a few more items for free. Instead of just 25 responses per poll, educators will be able to receive up to 40 responses per poll. The K-12 plan also lets educators implement Poll Everywhere with PowerPoint/Google Slides, have full screen presentations, and access to many question types.

Once logged in, there are 2 ways to create a new poll activity. One is by clicking the button with the + inside in the upper left corner. The other is to click the red “Create” button. Both options will then show the user different available question types.

Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 1.24.01 PM

Teachers can create different polls to suit different activity needs. Poll Everywhere provides polls for multiple choice, word cloud, Q&A, ranking, survey, open ended, and so many more. In fact, Poll Everywhere currently has 23 different polling options! We aren’t going to explore every single option in this post, but the image below shows the current options:

Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 1.32.03 PM

Each option has its own tools and layout, so today we’ll start with creating a simple multiple choice poll. First, make sure to click on multiple choice. For this poll, I simply type the question, and then my answer choices. I can use text, or I can use an image. I can add more answer choices if needed. When I’m finished, I click the blue “Create” button at the bottom of the page. I created a simple question in the image below:

Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 1.33.58 PM

I am taken to a new screen. This screen will display my results once the poll is active, and I can make further adjustments to my poll as well. Here I can customize how people respond, how many times they can respond, if they can change their answer, create a custom reply message, and if I want my poll to activate/deactivate at a certain time.

To manually activate/deactivate a poll, click the image of a phone with arrows shooting off to other devices. This same button deactivates a poll. Only one poll can be activate at a time.

Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 1.48.12 PM

Once a poll is active, live updates will appear almost immediately as the question is answered. In the image below, you can see the live updates screen, side by side with the mobile view of the question. In this case, the user has typed the web address for the poll into their phone browser.

IMG_20170927_134428 - Edited

With so many options, Poll Everywhere makes a great exit ticket, or a polling system built into a presentation. This is a simple, yet complex tool, and with so many options, there’s sure to be a poll to suit your needs!


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