Fluco Toolbox: VideoNot.es

Welcome to Fluco Toolbox, a series of posts that showcases potential edtech tools for the Fluvanna County classroom. Each post will discuss the tool, the type of problems it can help solve, and how it can be used in the classroom. If you’re a Fluvanna County staff member and want to learn more about using the tool in your own classroom, please schedule to see your ITRT and we will develop professional development based around your needs. If you’ve stumbled upon this post and you’re not part of the district, no worries! Feel free to use the information provided to jumpstart your own research.

Have you ever wanted your students to watch and video and take notes at the same time, on the same screen? Before, you had to make sure they had pencil and paper, or were competent in switching between the video tab and the notes tab. Not anymore!

Today’s Fluco Toolbox tool is: VideoNot.es

First, the basics:

Name: VideoNot.es
URL: http://www.videonot.es
Cost: FREE
Problem this tool solves: Allows students to take notes on a video on the same screen as the video, tracking the time in the video where the note is taken, AND syncs the notes to Google Drive for later viewing.

VideoNot.es is a tool that allows users to take notes to a video, and the notes are timed with the video. If you’re a Google Drive user, you have an extra benefit – VideNot.es will save your notes directly to your Google Drive for later viewing. This tool works with videos from Coursera, Udacity, edX, Khan Academy, vimeo, and YouTube.

If you’re a G Suite school or a Google Drive user in general, first you’ll want to sign-in. VideoNot.es will request to connect to your account so that it is able to sync and save notes to your Drive. You’ll need to sign in each time, but after giving those first permissions, it’s just one click of a button and done.

Next, you’ll need to retrieve the URL of the video you wish to take notes on. Paste it into the box on the left side of the screen, and a smaller version of the video will appear. That’s it! Then you can easily take notes on the right side of the screen, and Videonot.es tracks the time in the video where you began to make the note. This makes it a handy reference to refer back to later on.

Screenshot 2017-08-18 at 9.32.04 AM.png

Once finished, you can give your notes a title, export them to Evernote (if you’re a user), or save them directly to your Drive. If you have the sync button turned on, everything is saved for you automatically. You can also open previous notes as well. Would you like to share your notes with others? No problem. The share button makes that easy. It will load the same Share screen you see in Drive, and you can input the email addresses that you wish to share the notes with.


Need a visual? Check out this tutorial from YouTube:


Fluco Toolbox image created by Stephanie King (Fan) for this series. Please do not use without permission.

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