#IMMOOC: Are We There Yet?

The short answer? Nope. We are never there. There is no set point of arrival. There are only checkpoints. These checkpoints update and change often so that once you pass a checkpoint, another is just down the road.

Educators are never finished learning. Some may think they are, but they are not. There’s nothing that says once you’ve been in education “X” number of years that you can stop. You can’t stop. Oh, you did stop? Get out of education then. You can’t expect to prepare children for any kind of future if you’re stuck in the past and refusing to learn new things. Educators need to continue learning and growing. They need to model that same learning and growth for their students as well so that students see that learning doesn’t just apply to school assignments.

In Chapter 13 of The Innovator’s Mindset, George introduces readers to a chart and asks for their answers based on what they currently experience in their district. I replicated the chart in Docs and then added in my own answers:


As you can see, there is still a long way to go for Fluvanna County. There needs to be a shift in mindset, and that first has to come from the top down level, as administration often determines how the professional development is delivered at each school. I also need to get to know the teachers that I serve better so that I can assist them and provide useful professional development to them. I am hoping to make changes with FlucoTECH, but I won’t know how well that works until I’ve had a chance to try it.

A big portion of this chapter focused on open sharing and building a digital portfolio, which I went into in my last entry. We need to move away from simply waiting for the “right” PD to happen and fall into our laps. Rarely will it ever occur. Whether you scour Twitter, read blogs, or read educational books you take PD into your own hands. You have the power to create your learning. Yes, it’s fun to meet up with others who share your passions or attend a workshop, but why wait? We don’t expect our students to wait when we want them to learn something new. You don’t know it? Jump in and test the waters. You’re afraid, and it’s time to put that fear to rest!

Your learning is never done. There’s always something to improve upon, some new technique or tool to pick up, some new mindset that provokes your curiosity and sets your motivation on fire. Embrace this and keep learning. Track your learning with a digital portfolio. Share your growth and show your successes and failures. We must continue the learning cycle, and make sure our students do as well.

Set your desire to learn on fire, and you’ll kindle theirs, too!

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