Minecraft Makershop: Year 2, Day 5

Yesterday was the final session of Minecraft Makershop for Week 1 of KidsCollege. I was certainly sad to see it end, though I do believe that this year’s workshop was a definite improvement over last year’s. I have ideas already for changes for a new version of the workshop. My students also had to do do a feedback survey for KidsCollege. There was a rating scale at the top, and every kid gave me a “Strongly Agrees” for each area (there was one Agrees). Parent feedback was very similar. I was definitely pleased. I didn’t think to get this kind of feedback from last year’s students, so this was certainly nice.

Students either want to take Makershop again next year or they want something new that still focuses on building. One student mentioned learning to build cities so we’re gonna roll with that. I’m going to work through the process of coming up with ideas for this type of workshop and then see if I can combine them all into something grand.

Returning to the last day though… teams continued working on their final builds. They knew it was the last day and were full of energy as it was. They worked on building their team builds and got distracted a few times. They were full of meme references this time. I indulged a few of them since it was the last day of class. So we watched Sail Cat and the I Like Trains music video as well. There was also the Shrek Do the Roar video.

By the time the final 45 minutes rolled around before parents, they were doing their own free building. Both teams had met their minimum requirements, so this was fine. Right before the parents game, many of them were playing hide and seek in the team builds. We did review the procedure for when parents arrived, and they agreed.

Our parent showcase involved each child sharing their build projects. They showed their first builds, their second, and their third, as well as their team builds. I had already explained to parents the things that they had learned throughout the course of the workshop, and how they had demonstrated their knowledge. Then I called each child up and handed them their certificate, along with an autographed bookmark from Mark Cheverton. I still had some left over from the previous year.

At 4:15, we said our goodbyes. Parents took their children, and I took the remainder to catch the bus. As always, I wore my Steve head and carried my pick ax to see them off. I said my goodbyes to the other kids who were there.

Overall, Makershop was a success this year. I definitely need some time to process the things I’d change and the things I’d keep for a Year 3 version. I’m not sure if I’d continue the hyperdoc route, but only because I received kids who did not have school accounts, which means they had no access to Google Classroom. I will need to develop an alternate route in that case. There are other things as well, but right now I want to process everything and just think. We’ll see what ideas come to me with time.

Here are the final shots of the team builds:

Group 1

Team 2

And our final dance party jam for the week:

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