Minecraft Makershop: Year 2, Day 3

Day 3… where I followed through with my plan from yesterday and it went well overall. I watched the kids finished their second build and kept comparing it to their initial designs. Even though some did not finish their second build, the improvements they made between the two were usually huge in most cases, and I was overall pleased with what they had learned.

Today’s tasks were as follows:

  • Finish the 2nd build
  • Compare the two and take screenshots
  • Do a build without guidance

I eliminated the redstone activity because we weren’t going to have time, and it would not impact my overall goal of being a better builder much. I wanted to focus on these other things instead.

We found out first thing this morning that 1.12 had been released while we all slept, so I spent a few moments updating the server to support the new release. The kids were excited because it meant that they had access to a ton of new blocks for their builds.

The kids settled in and got started finishing their second builds. Even with a time limit, and giving them plenty of time, quite a few still did not finish. Those that did, did not care so much for doing the third build on their own. I’m not sure why on this, as last year’s crew did not mind the third build. I’m wondering if it just happens to be the particular group. I will definitely ponder over this, and give it more thought.

Let’s take a look at what each student did for their first and second builds. I think you will see an improvement in the building style. The first build is on the left and the 2nd build on the right:

Student #1

I have to showcase the inside of this build because I love it so much:


Student #2

Student #3

Student #4

Student #5

Student #6

Student #7

Student #8 (absent the 1st day, so only have the 2nd build)


I had a few students who did not want to follow the guidelines, and did their own thing. Even though they did, they still made some improvements over what they had built before. I want to showcase some of the 3rd builds that students were working on that I found rather interesting:

Here is the interior of Student 3’s work. The outside did not really add much, but I loved this. He told me it was a shop that sold images and paintings:


Student #4 really tried something different, and it is her best work yet:


Student #5 was really wanting to finish his second build, so he quickly threw this together. It is a slumber party house:


We also did another song today. I picked one that would be an ear worm, mostly because one of the boys started singing a Natasha Bedingfield song and I wanted to get revenge!

Tomorrow the class will get into two different teams and begin work on a city/town build. I’m not sure how this one will go… I haven’t decided how I want to split the teams up yet. I will have it ready to go before class tomorrow though. This was the most difficult section for last year’s crew, so I want to see how these students work together to create the build. Wish us luck!


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