Teach Like a Pirate: I is for Immersion (2.0)

Immersion is putting yourself into an activity or event mind, body, and soul. You are caught up in the moment, you are focused on what you’re doing, and it’s hard to pull you out of the bubble you’ve gotten yourself into. Teaching can bring about this same immersion, though we don’t always find ourselves immersed.

I know I’m guilty of this. There have been times in my position where I’ve not been myself, or felt tired, or not up to the task at hand. I can think of many reasons why I felt any one of these things, but they all show that I was not immersed in the task at hand, and I’m sure my fellow peers noticed it as well.

When I was a teacher, I remember immersing myself into my favorite lessons. It wasn’t hard to do because I had a great love for those lessons and had fun teaching them. I remember my Mighty Morphin’ Rock Cycle skit, my “That’s a Nice Number” rounding lesson with Donkey from Shrek, and all of my hands on science labs. I also remember the not so immersed lessons, the ones I’d just rather get through and be done with. Of course, this links back to passion and the lack of passion I felt for those particular lessons.

Beyond working with others, I find myself at times becoming distracted and not immersing myself in the moment in my every day life. I have often found ways to distract myself or put off things, even if I love them. It is something that I’ve noticed throughout my life, so it’s nothing new. I have been working on it. I try to force myself to focus on what is going on at hand, and to immerse myself in the task. Sometimes it’s really hard to do though. It’s definitely a work in progress.

I’m hoping to find ways to work on my immersion, and become better at it. Beyond this particular book, I’ve also picked up one called How to be a Productivity Ninja, which I feel can also help me with my immersion, especially when I am working on tasks at my desk. One thing’s for certain: I have to keep working on improving myself!

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