Teach Like a Pirate: Here We Go Again

In March of 2016, I began reading Teach Like a Pirate. I made it all the way to the “R is for Rapport” chapter before I stopped. Things got crazy, things got hectic. The end of the school year was upon me, and I was also job hunting at the time. Summer led to a new job, which led to a move to a different state and a start at a different school. The year became filled with searching and seeking and learning all about my new position.

Summer is once again upon me. Well, sort of. School is finished for the year, and teachers were finished on Tuesday or Wednesday (dependent upon if they were high school teachers who attended graduation or not). I am still finishing out the remainder of the days on my contract, and I’ll also have 2 weeks of KidsCollege to teach in there as well. I certainly don’t mind, especially since KidsCollege will pay me for teaching the things I love.

After KidsCollege comes Copenhaver Institute, which means I will get to meet two fabulous folks in education- George Couros and Dave Burgess. I have already received a package from the Copenhaver folks, and in this package was a copy of Teach Like a Pirate. We have been told that it is highly suggested that we read the book before the Institute. I already have my own copy of the book, but it was a reminder that hey, I’d better get my butt in gear.

So I am going to read the book again, and I am going to start from the beginning. I will end up reblogging about the 3 chapters I had already read. I am also going to continue the tradition of creating QR codes that link to my blog posts. These codes are printed and taped into the book on the corresponding chapter. That way I can easily go back to see what I wrote about that chapter, and if I have read it more than once and reflected, I can see how my thinking has changed with time.

So here we go again: Teach Like a Pirate: Round 2!

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