Mindset Switch: Schools & Branding

Social media has brought many positives and negatives to the face of education. However, today we’re going to focus on just one: branding. When you think of branding, you often think of a business. A business uses their brand to sell a product. They make money, and in turn, continue to build their brand in hopes of selling more products. Social media has made branding easier than ever in terms of reaching many people in one fell swoop. Whether Facebook, Twitter, or something else, various platforms exist to help brands make their image memorable and trustworthy. Gone are the days of buying a product only based on the advertisements alone. What kind of company does the business promote itself to be? How does the business assist communities? How does it interact on social media? How does it use social media to combat negativity about the brand itself?

Branding doesn’t apply only to businesses anymore. It can also be applied to schools. It seems odd at first, as schools aren’t looking to sell any kind of product. If the school is in any kind of business, it’s the business of educating future generations. So why brand a school? Many reasons, actually. Branding schools and social media make something possible that wasn’t before. Social media branding can transform how the community and other stakeholders view the school, for better or for worse.

Stop a minute and think: How do those in the community view your school? What stories are shared by others about your school on social media currently. How do both of these affect the culture of your school.

Now think about the barriers that can stand in the way of branding your school:

“I don’t have time to do just one more thing.”

“It’s just one more thing for my teachers.”

“We already share announcements. Why do more?”

“It doesn’t make that much of a difference.”

“Nothing bad has happened at our school.”

“We have good test scores. What more do they want?”

There are probably other barriers that are rolling about in your head right about now. Choosing to believe these barriers and not do anything about them places the school within a fixed mindset- just because social media is around doesn’t mean it affects my school. Oh, but it does, just as these barriers do.

The barrier of not enough time is common no matter what the topic or task is. The truth is, when something truly matters to us, we make time for it. We find a way to fit it into our schedule and make it work. School branding is no different. There will be time spent up front learning to use social media tools to share school information, but once it’s learned, the task flows more smoothly. If the administration has this mindset, they can help spread it to the teachers as well.

If your school is already using social media to share announcements, that’s great! You’re off to good start. Getting digital versions of school announcements to families is one way to share information. However, is that the only thing your school wants to be known for in their story? Announcements are a necessary part of school, but they don’t have to be the only thing, especially if you still implement paper versions of announcements. All you’ve done is take the offline skill and make it an online one.

Let’s combine the next two barriers- It doesn’t make that much of a difference and Nothing bad has happened at our school. The latter is a dangerous thought to have about anything. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. And when it does, it’s when it’s least expected. Once a negative event hits, then anyone will be looking to find out the dirt on your school, and chances are, they aren’t looking for positive stories. If the only stories about your school available online are negative, then there’s a good chance that reporters, community members, and other stakeholders will stack those against you. Posting positive stories about your school does make a difference, especially in this case. These positive stories can help to combat the negativity currently facing your school.

And that brings us to the final barrier- We have good test scores. What more do they want? If a test score doesn’t define a student, then why should it define a school? Schools are doing activities and hosting events all of the time. The only problem is that often others in the school don’t even know these things are going on! If you, as a teacher, put in the time and effort to organize, coordinate, and execute the activity, shouldn’t you want to share it with others to showcase that hard work? Indeed we should, and it’s our families and community members that would love to see the school and teachers brag on the things students have the opportunities to participate in. In many cases, these activities set the school apart from similar ones in surrounding districts.

In order for a school or district to begin sharing their story on social media, the above barriers need to be taken for what they really are- excuses. Gone are the days of trying to escape up and coming social media, disregarding those who are into it and shunning platforms. Gone are the days of only sending home weekly or monthly newsletters to families. Why not meet them where they already are? Why not tell your school’s story? If you don’t, someone else will, and chances are, it won’t be positive.

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