Hyperdoc Resource: Minecraft Redstone Challenge #1 Base/House

Here is the most recent hyperdoc resource that I have created. I worked on this at the end of last week, and it gave me a chance to try another of the templates. While learning how to do hyperdocs, I’ve tended to take lessons I’ve already taught and redid them to fall into the hyperdoc format. The nice thing is that they turn out better than what I had originally planned.

Name: Minecraft Redstone Challenge #1 Base/House
Description: This hyperdoc is set up as a MMTS Game Board. The board gives options for students to explore using the redstone element through videos and text guides. Students apply their work twice on the board, and they also will share the final product with classmates as well.

Here’s what you need to know:

– The “Wonder” section is set up as a Google Form to collect student information. I have set the form up so you can make a copy, make your own changes, and then change the link.
– The “Create” section link will automatically ask students to make a copy of the document when clicked. It gives the guidelines for the challenge. Edit as needed.
– The “Share” section currently has no link. On my original, I set it up so students would be directed to a Padlet. Please insert your own link.

Other Notes:

My students in middle school and are part of an after school club. We use the regular Minecraft for PC edition of the game. My students play on a server that I have set up via a hosting service. This hyperdoc can be adapted for other versions of Minecraft, including Education Edition. Just remember to change the directions to reflect this on the instructions document.

Download Here

Feedback is appreciated. @tisinaction on Twitter or comment here!

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