HyperDoc Fail


I seem to be writing about failing a lot lately, but I’ve learned so much from my failure. I have the mindset of “fail foward”. It really does put a new perspective on failure and mistakes. I don’t feel like some horrible person anymore for making mistakes. I recognize my mistake and then immediately reflect on what went wrong and how I could fix the issue so it doesn’t occur again. If it does occur again, then there’s more reflection. It’s changed the way I do things this year for sure. I’m certain that being a stubborn person when I truly want to do something also helps.

I’ve written about hyperdocs before, and even shared a resource. Yesterday I presented a professional development session on Google Classroom. I had developed my hyperdoc based on the “hero’s journey” template. It had taken some time, and I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t completely finished yesterday, but couldn’t figure out why. I figured it out pretty quickly at the PD session though, thanks to my participants reminding me.

Here’s what happened:

The session was set up to let them explore ways to use Classroom first. The next section was a whole class bit. I had forgotten to put in a part where I demonstrated setting up Classroom, and having them do it alongside me. Instead, I only had discussion for the problems teachers may face and how to solve them. Argh it seems so obvious now! Thankfully my participants reigned me in and asked for me to do it. I was happy to oblige. I’m pretty flexible when it comes to my PD sessions, and prefer to adapt on the fly to the needs of the participants.

Of course, having left out that one section meant we didn’t get to finish completing the hyperdoc, but trying to do a proper introduction on Google Classroom and get teachers up and running with it definitely takes more than an hour. I would definitely love to run the session longer or in multiple parts, and will most likely do that in the future. Multiple parts is more feasible though because so many staff already have a hard enough time staying after school for an hour, so extending that wouldn’t be beneficial to them.

Since my reflection on my failure, I have since changed the hyperdoc to reflect what should have been there all along, and am recommending that it be used over 2 class sessions, or even in a class of 1.5 -2 hours. Staff would not feel rushed to complete everything. I will soon be sharing the hyperdoc in my blog, so if you want to assist your staff in learning about Google Classroom, it’ll be worth a look!

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