HyperDoc Resource: SAMR PD

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a resource, so here’s the first one for this year. I’ve been working on learning about HyperDocs and making my own. I have the HyperDoc Handbook, and I’ve been referring to that to help guide me through this. Some people have told me that HyperDocs can be used for professional development sessions, so I thought I’d give it a try. I took a SAMR professional development I’d recently taught, and tweaked it to fit the HyperDoc style.

I have already shared this file to the TeachersGiveTeachers site, but I want to make sure I share it here as well.

Name: Level Up! With SAMR
Description: This HyperDoc is applicable to those who provide professional development to staff members. It focuses on an introduction to the SAMR method, and provides staff a chance to create a lesson integrating SAMR. The original includes an application piece with Padlet and a link to the survey that we always give our staff at the end. Please replace these with your own links.
Download Here

Feedback is much appreciated!


    1. Thanks. The only thing you would really need to do to modify this is create your own Padlet and change the link in the document to reflect it. You can also remove the survey as well, or link to your own if you prefer.


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