KidsCollege is a Go!

After a 5 day weekend thanks to snow days, the district finally returns to school. Based on how things look outside, you wouldn’t have ever guessed we were just off for inclement weather. First it was snow, but then it was all the leftover ice. Warm weather came through and now there’s really nothing but random piles of dirty snow.

One thing I did accomplish though was a phone conversation with PVCC about KidsCollege. It’s a program offered in the area for students. It does cost, but they attend either an AM or PM academy to learn a new skill. They are also free to attend both if their parents so choose. The activities are hands-on and in a workshop format. Instructors suggest the classes they would like to teach, and they are able to earn $487 per Academy, a little more than 16 hours a week.

I will admit, I loved the idea of being paid for teaching on a topic I loved. With a wedding coming up, I want to be able to pay off some of my bills and so I am working all 4 Academies, as long as students register for them. I don’t usually do a summer job of any kind, but this is more like being able to have fun with groups of students.

I will be doing my 4 sessions on:

  • Minecraft Makershop – Rising 6th-9th Graders. This will be very similar to the Makershop I ran last summer, except now I have things to change and take out based on how the first one went.
  • Coding Through Minecraft – Rising 6th-9th Graders. This will use the LearntoMod software. Students will learn some of the basics of blockly coding and how this code can be used to create mods for Minecraft.
  • Game Design 101 – Rising 6th – 9th Graders. This will utilize Gamestar Mechanic and incorporate many of the same elements that we have completed in the Fluco Game Designers club that I run for this age group.
  • Lil’ Minecrafters: Making and Building Exploration – Rising 1st-2nd Graders. This will be similar to my Makershop for the older students, but scaled down to meet the needs of 1st and 2nd grade students. We will do a lot more focus on building, shapes, placing shapes together, and textures.

Right now, the titles for all of the sessions are temporary and not final. I know Minecraft Makershop will stay the same, but not sure about the others. I’ll need to spend time hashing out my activity guides for each day, and I want each class to have a final project as well, since they have to have something to share on the very last day of the Academy. It will definitely be a challenge, but worth it in the end.

I am pretty excited to see how it turns out though, and depending on how I feel, may use some of the sessions for a presentation idea at WVSTC. I’m not entirely sure yet though.


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