Student Voices and Discussions


The discussions I have had with some students have been very interesting when it comes to their social media projects on student voices. There are some students who are doing it just to get it done, but then there are others who are very concerned with the project and how they can create a solution that would have an impact on the school. This project is my first time really working with high school students, and I’m enjoying some of the discussions that we have had. Two such students immediately come to mind.

The first student I think of is an athlete. When he was first given the final part of the project, he sat and talked to both his teacherĀ and I about his concerns. In his research, he had noted that though there were some social media feeds for our school athletics, they often weren’t updated. He was also concerned with the negativity from students when some teams had a poor season, despite trying their best. He decided that he wanted to create a solution that would allow athletes to share out scores, information on the teams, and positive stories from student athletes.

The second student I think of is one that I spoke with yesterday. She had an idea for a solution, but wasn’t sure how to work out all of the kinks. Her idea involved Twitter, but she wasn’t sure about moderating or how to go about getting someone to do it. Through our talks I shared GroupTweet with her and how that might work. Conversation then delved into starting a club that would be in charge of gathering positive student stories and voices from all over the school, and then using GroupTweet to post. The site offers a moderation feature, so things wouldn’t be posted until the club advisor approved them. It provides chances for teachable moments, too. Her biggest concerns involved finding someone willing, and if she would have to be in the club. She was concerned about the project, but it wasn’t something that she was into joining, which was fine, and she was reassured of this.

I meet with the class again Friday, and I’m hoping to have more detailed discussions with some of the other students as well. This project is really taking shape, and I’m eager to see how presentations will go next month.

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