Building Our District Brand: Creating Hashtags

I’ve been talking to some of our educators in the district who use Twitter and decided we needed some hashtags just for us. Our high school students had to create a hashtag for the high school students, but it’s not really utilized. I wanted the educators in the district to have their own hashtag, and later on I would try to get them using it more.

A couple days later I thought about the things I had been sharing via my own Twitter platform and how I planned to share more stories about the schools I am with via their Facebook and Twitter pages. I wanted some way to chronicle these together without it being too long. It didn’t take long before one popped into mind.

Our district does have the advantage of having a unique mascot, the Flying Flucos. It’s pretty easy to create hashtags or usernames that involve “flucos”. And for those who aren’t from the district, do you know what a Fluco is?

Here are our new hashtags:

#flucoed- This one’s just for educators to use to connect in Fluvanna County. Other districts and areas have them so that educators in that space can easily address each other, so we have followed suit. I’m hoping to get it moving and being utilized more often, but that’s also going to involve getting more people on board with Tweetdeck. Projects, projects…

#flucostories- This is my favorite of the two. It’s my way of getting our stories out there and labeled under one hashtag, no matter what type of social media is being used. I’m asking my fellow Fluco Twitter educators to start using this when they share stories from their classrooms. Since I now have access to Facebook and Twitter for the middle and high school, I’m also using this tag when I share posts on there. I’m hoping it’ll catch on, especially once I pass it on to the other schools who run social media as well.

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