Turning 30: A Look Back & Forward

Today I turn 30 years old.


Summer 2016 at WVSTC during a Pokemon Go conference session.

I certainly don’t feel 30. I know I don’t even look 30. I’ve been mistaken for a middle school student quite a few times this year already. I know the tradition is you’re supposed to feel down and out about turning 30 because it’s getting older. Your 20’s are gone and it’s time to usher in a new decade.

I’m rather excited though. I feel like I’m finally hitting my groove when it comes to everything going on in my life. I have a wonderful job that I love. I have been able to try new things and have been challenged and pushed to go above and beyond. More than ever, I feel like I’m able to try so many new things and get the support I need. I have a wonderful fiance; she and I go so well together. She’s always been my rock and cared for me in ways I never could have imagined. We’re the biggest pair of goofballs, so I’m sorry if you’re ever subject to our shenanigans together. We’re planning to start a family in a few years, and both excited to see where our journey leads us- together.


Bethany and I together for her family pictures.

I’ve been able to accomplish a lot so far in my career, and I’ve taken chances on many things. My career has evolved from teacher into instructional technology specialist. In my 20’s I received not only my undergraduate degree, but also my masters. I was able to also become a certified technology integration specialist in West Virginia. I added a Virginia teaching license to my West Virginia one. I’ve spent time going to professional development sessions that I love, connecting with many educators, and attending/presenting at conferences.

There have been many people in my life that have supported me along my journey. Some are no longer part of it; they were there for only a time before we parted ways. No matter what, each person has contributed something toward helping me become successful, and for that I’m very grateful.


Those givers of life- aka mom and dad

I’m curious to see what kinds of things I’ll end up accomplishing in my 30’s. I’m hoping that I can do more great things in the field of instructional technology, and better myself as a learner. I do hope that I never lose the desire to stop learning. I hope that I pass that same desire to learn on to my children. After all, I hope to have a child in the next few years!

Welcome 30… let’s get to work!

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