Building Our District Brand: An Update

I posted in September about how I was working to help our district build its brand. Since then I have presented to administration teams about the process, as well as our school board members. It isn’t an easy undertaking, and it’s been harder than I thought. However, I’m still working through the process to get it done. I know our district can do great things once we’ve really got all of our social media on board.

One of my first goals after all of my presentations was to create a master list of social media accounts within each of the schools. I wanted not only the links, but also who maintained each account. I wanted the school media accounts, as well as any clubs, groups, or activities. It took a couple of emails, but I believe I have nearly every social media account used for school in the district.

Once I had that list, it was time to begin meeting with the different maintainers to talk about how we could improve the current social media, as well as take any suggestions that they had. I had also been asked to review the proper ways to post on social media so that the school, group, or club was properly representing the school district. Getting time to meet with folks has actually proven to be the difficult part. I have been able to meet with 2 groups so far. It would have been more, but I had to take a sick day at the beginning of this week and that canceled my meetings with 2 other groups. I still haven’t heard back from all of my school groups yet, and so I’ll send out a follow-up email next week in order to get that taken care of.

Our biggest goal is to improve the stories that the school shares. Since the district was already using social media, it became more about how do we fix it so that it’s even better? I have already looked at how each school uses social media and we were missing the stories that gave us glimpses inside the school and classroom. Most of the time the social media tended to be events based on the calendar, and that was a good start, but it was time to go further.

That’s why we decided to do more stories that focused on the students and the classrooms. I wanted parents and community stakeholders to actually be able to see what was going on inside the school and what kind of work/projects that the students are working on or have completed. I feel like that will help our parents feel more connected to their child’s school and bring more positivity to our district brand.

Hopefully the next time I do an update on our district brand that I will be finished working with the individual schools.

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