Twitter Transcript: #wvedchat on Summer PD Lessons

Last night I hosted #wvedchat’s biweekly edchat. Originally, Dr. Rikki Lowe was to be the main host and I was to be the 2nd moderator to assist. However, she had a family emergency, and so I took over the chat. She had all of the images prepared, so I only had to make sure they got uploaded at the proper times. Well that, and encourage the conversation to expand.

If you’ve never hosted an edchat, it can be a bit daunting. Being a participant and watching things move quickly is one thing, but watching as a moderator and replying/liking others’ tweets is a whole other ballgame. My fingers were left flying across the keyboard as I participated, but in the end, I was pleased with how things turned out. 

We focused on lessons from summer professional development, and the things that were learned. Many of us shared edtech tools or workshops that we attended. If you weren’t there, what was your favorite summer PD opportunity, and why?

Transcript here

#wvedchat meets every other Tuesday at 8 PM. Derek Oldfield (@Mr_Oldfield) is one to follow for notices about the chat itself.

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