Positive Post Friday: 9/16/16

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Positive Post Friday!

Fridays mark the end of the work week. Fridays mark the start of the weekend. Fridays should end the week on a positive note. Therefore, I’m going to share 5 positive things that happened this week:

1. Last Friday, sign-up forms for my Fluco Game Designers club went home with progress reports. I had a huge stack returned this week. I had to cap it yesterday. I have close to 70 kids signed up, way more than I can handle in one go or in both connecting labs. I have emailed parents and snagged 2 helpers. I have a 3rd possible one. I will take all the help I can get. I am going to split the kids into two groups after the first meeting and they will meet every other week.

2. I held my first PD training in my new district. I did one on Kahoot. While I only had 2 people show up, it went very well and I loved having my Google Classroom set up so that I could easily refer to things as I went along.

3. I started designing more PD classrooms this week. I have one nearly finished for Home Connections with Facebook Pages and I will start designing my PD sessions for next month as well.

4. I started meeting with educators for my Connected Educators sessions this week. Everyone wanted to start with Twitter except one, who wanted blogs. I’m good either way, as I have a learning plan with assignments no matter which topic they choose. I’m looking forward to good things from this.

5. I presented to all administration on Thursday about social media and building our brand. It looks like we are off to a good start, and I was able to reference some of the stuff I was already doing with educators and connecting them. I hope to take the next steps soon!

Your turn: Share your Positive Post Friday.

Until next Friday! Have a great weekend!

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