Twitter Transcript: #wvedchat on #SuccessTogether

#wvedchat has been working to relaunch itself this past week. A few of us got together on Saturday to discuss the future of #wvedchat and how to improve the community. Myself, Rikki (@DrRikki908), and Derek (@Mr_Oldfield) spent over an hour last Saturday morning discussing the possibilities, which I will explain in a future post. Suffice to say, the result of our effort was visible last night.

#wvedchat uses Participate for it’s host, which means we have stats to track each chat. We switched over to Participate in April. Last night was our best chat since that switchover. We had more participants, more discussions, and way more activity. Rikki and I took on a side moderator role in which we made sure to engage in conversation, retweets, and liking of others’ posts.

The chat itself was hosted by Remind’s Sarah Dougherty (@sardougherty). It focused on communicating and connecting with not only educators but parents and families. Of course, Remind is one of the many ways to accomplish this. Read the transcript below to see what transpired during our hourlong chat!

Transcript here

#wvedchat meets every other Tuesday at 8 PM. Derek Oldfield (@Mr_Oldfield) is one to follow for notices about the chat itself. 

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