Twitter Transcript: #minecraftedu on Gaining Admin Support for GBL

Because I was helping with the revamping of #wvedchat, I wasn’t able to pay attention at all to this one. That’s okay though because that’s what transcripts are for!

Last night’s chat focused on how educators can work toward gaining support from administrators for game-based learning. As teachers, we all know that when we have the support of administrators behind us, implementation of anything becomes so much easier.

The chat discusses roadblocks, the support needed, how to use Minecraft for assessment, and more. For many, it should help them to see that they aren’t alone when it comes to implementing game-based learning into the classroom.

Transcript here

#Minecraftedu meets every Tuesday at 8 PM. Mark Grundel (@mgrundel) and Garrett.Z (@PBJellyGames) are the founders of the chat, and ones to follow for notices about the chat itself.

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