Positive Post Friday: 8/19/16

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Positive Post Friday!

Fridays mark the end of the work week. Fridays mark the start of the weekend. Fridays should end the week on a positive note. Therefore, I’m going to share 5 positive things that happened this week:

  1. I learned from a Twitter colleague, @aforgrave, that I could get a free teacher account on learntomod.com for my game design club students. This will be a huge help with teaching modding.
  2. I received my Piper kit in the mail and got it put together by Wednesday evening. I’m looking forward to completing the missions and learning what I can do with it.
  3. I have a meeting today with the superintendent, technology, and some other people from the central office about social media and building our school’s brand. I’ve prepared my document, and have been told the superintendent should be fond of my idea. Fingers crossed!
  4. I have been planning my professional development sessions, and have my first session next week on the project library at the high school. It will probably be a small crowd because teachers only need to attend if a) they plan to use it and b) they’ve never been trained on it before.
  5. This last one isn’t really school related, but this is the last weekend I should have to go back to my hometown for awhile. I have just a little bit more to do with the old apartment and then I’m done. I really dislike the long drive back and forth!

Your turn: Share your Positive Post Friday.

Until next Friday! Have a great weekend!

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