My #vaedtechjourney is Over!

As I sit here writing this, I find myself in a brand new district already starting a brand new school year. I didn’t get the chance to really provide any more updates after that last #vaedtechjourney post, but now I can, and this will be the final update about it as well.

The last time I updated about my journey was in the beginning of May. Oh man was I still pretty optimistic then. I was getting interviews pretty regularly, mostly for ITRT work in VA, but in the end I would never end up selected as the final choice for the district or city I applied to. Quite frankly, it really sucked. I even began heavily applying to districts just as a teacher, but I found out that was apparently even harder, at least in the districts I did apply to. One particular district never netted a single interview at all, even though I applied for over 10 different teaching positions.

Desperation set in, and come June after school was over, I would always attend every interview in person. I figured it would help me have a better chance to snag a position if I could speak to the staff in person and they could see me. The end of June came and I still had no luck, just random interviews every now and then.

Eventually, I got so bummed out that I started applying to other positions in my home district, just so I would be able to be at a different school or doing a different position at least. I did net an interview there, but I wasn’t hired for that position either. I was gearing up to simply accept that I would be in my old district in the same position that they had relegated me to teach.

Immediately after I found out that I did not get the position in my home district, I received a call to come interview with Fluvanna County, VA for an ITRT position. I knew it was probably my last shot, as it was July 6, and my deadline to resign from my contract in my old district was July 15. Like I had done with all of the other recent interviews, I drove 3 hours to complete the interview. I was asked the usual questions, by now having had the chance to really deliver some great answers. At the end I was able to ask questions, and that’s when I really brought in my coding and TIS extra stuff. It seemed to really pique the interest of the staff, and I went home that day feeling good, although uncertain. I had learned that just because I felt good about an interview didn’t usually amount to much for me. I had also been the first applicant interviewed for the day, and was told there were about 5 others being interviewed that day as well. They would have a decision by Friday of that week.

Color me shocked when that very same afternoon I received a phone call with a job offer. I immediately accepted and was very, very giddy. There was so much to do! I had to move and I had to get an apartment and so much more! Plus it was my busy month, with vacation, followed by a conference, followed by a training. I was to start the 28th for new teacher orientation. I knew it was going to be a stressful couple of months for me, but I was just happy to have a job and be able to do the job I loved so well. That day I immediately secured my apartment.

It’s now August and over a month since I accepted my new position. I’m in my new district and part of the Flucos family. I’m going to be doing instructional technology with the middle school and high school. A new state means new standards to learn, and I’m also working with a new level, so that’s going to be a new challenge in itself. However, I’m excited and eager to learn and do my very best for the teachers that I am now working
with. The first year in a new position is always the hardest, but at least it’s a position I am familiar with.

Therefore, I happily declare my #vaedtechjourney to be at an end, for now. I shall retire the hashtag until I need it again in the future, if I ever do.

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