Minecraft Makershop: World Download

I’ve finally had the chance to go over the world and remove any of the edu blocks that were used in game. It took me some time to do, since I also had training to attend and an illness to battle. However, I finally finished everything tonight and you can now download our map and load it onto PC Minecraft.

Download Link here

Here are the instructions I sent the kids to get it installed onto their computers:

1. Download the .zip file.
2. Click on the downloaded file and a new window will open. You’ll want to look for the option to extract all files and click that. I like to extract my files directly to the desktop.
3. Look for the Windows key on your keyboard. It looks like 4 squares together on the left side, just to the right of the ctrl key. Press this and press R at the same time.
4. In the run dialog box, type %appdata% and press enter.
5. Open the folder that says .minecraft.
6. Open the folder that says saves.
7. Now go to the desktop, or wherever you unzipped your files and copy the entire FOLDER.
8. Go back to your saves folder and paste the folder you copied.
9. Once the folder is pasted, you can rename it to whatever you like.
10. Boot up MInecraft.
11. Once logged in to your profile (not the game!), go to Edit Profile.
12. Change the launcher from the most current one you use back to 1.7.10
13. Boot the game the rest of the way and load the world to play.

Happy exploring!

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