Camp Infusing Technology, Day 2

I missed part of Day 2 due to my medical issues again. I didn’t get to attend Team Time in the morning, and I also missed the very beginning of the first session of the day. I was glad to be able to slip in though and join up with my crew though.

The first session I attended was on Teacher Organization Tools. I can always use some more tricks up my sleeve, and so I was happy to attend this session. There were many tools that we discussed, including Jing,, Symbaloo, and Class Dojo. Check out this image to see a summary of all of the tools that we learned about:

Jing was one of my favorite tools from this session because I needed a new screencasting tool to use in the classroom. I happily downloaded and installed it on my Surface Pro. I also liked PrintFriendly because of the way it could cut down on ads and images when I wanted to print articles. I missed the discussion on Class Dojo, but that’s okay because it’s a tool I had used before. I do recommend trying Classcraft for older kids though if teachers are
willing and able to learn the more advanced user interface. There are a lot more tools for it as well.

The second session I attended was on creating Digital Hallways. This particular session focused on creating online spaces for student work that could be shared with family and friends. Some of the tools I was familiar with from past experiences, such as VoiceThread. Others were brand new to me, such as We also went over Smore and Weebly. During our shareout, Seesaw was also mentioned. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I should have mentioned Creatubbles for artwork as well. I only thought of it long after the session itself.

Digital Hallways are good tools to use to preserve digital copies of work. It also works well to create portfolios or share work with the students’ families and friends. Art classes may find this tool very useful to create an online gallery of student work, especially if space is limited in the classroom itself. Here are the tools that we went over:

Our final big activity of the day was Makerspaces. The particular makerspace that was set up was made of a bunch of found objects to create and build with. It’s certainly not the only type of makerspace out there, but it is one way to begin creating a makerspace in the classroom. In the hallway outside of the makerspace, different tools were being showcased. I remember Osmo, Sphero, 3D Doodler, Tiggly Words, and Snap Circuits. I stayed inside of the makerspace the whole time because I had used all the tools on showcase before, and I wanted to build. We were given different prompts on the table, and I chose the one to create a treasure box to hold valuables. I had a lot of fun building, and it was relaxing to create. Here’s my box:

Stay tuned for day 3!

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