Minecraft Makershop: Day 4

Day 4 has come and gone, and for the most part, it was one of the most peaceful days so far, until the very last hour. Then again, that last hour is always the roughest. Today was full of a lot of progress, for the most part. Today the kids worked on their final group builds, and they also spent a little bit of time on their final individual builds. I’m actually pretty sure that they won’t finish their individual builds, but that’s okay.

We started the morning with the individual builds so that the kids could get focused for the day. We didn’t spend too much time on them because I wanted to give them plenty of time to get their group builds underway. The kids were also itching to work more on their group builds, so we quickly moved on to that. I wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to tackle the big job ahead of them.

Before each group could work on their collaborative build, they had a meeting with me. I wanted them to discuss a few things with me, and I had also planned to use this time to tackle some issues that Group 1 was having. I met with Group 2 first. We first talked about the pros and cons about their group. I didn’t say anything, just asked them to give me their own feedback. This group had many pros, and they were all things that I would have picked as well. From the pro/con list, we moved on to their plans for the build, which gave me a way to get them to provide ideas for themselves later on, should they get stuck. Next, we talked about how they planned to research their ideas and what they were using in their collaborative build that they had learned from the workshop.

Next I met with Group 1, and we followed the same procedures as Group 2. This group was much the opposite with their pro/con list. They were able to come up with more cons than pros. They also did the plans for their build, as well as their research and what they had learned during the workshop. The one thing I did add to their paper was a section on how to fix the issues that they had been having as a group. We sat and discussed what was wrong, and I told them what I had seen. Everyone provided suggestions to try and fix what was wrong. I sent them off to work on their project, and for a time, all seemed well for them.

The morning did happen to fly by while the kids worked. Often I explored where they were working and provided help when they asked for it. Sometimes things got a bit goofy. Check out the following images.

The cross reads “Memory to Mr. Cakerton, the best villager ever”. One student had built a bakery for her individual build and created a villager named Mr. Cakerton to run it. Mr. Cakerton escaped one day, and John killed him. The kids in Group 2 put up this memorial to him and I snapped this shot.

This student was trying to chase me and sit on me in the game. What he forgot is that I could instantly freeze him in place and he wouldn’t be able to move… stopped him in his tracks!

During one of my rounds, I decided to put on the zombie head for kicks. I was thrilled to find that it didn’t hide my glasses. The kids said that made me a “smart zombie”

Once again, our trouble area started after lunch. I had one kid in Group 1 who was deciding that he wanted to play around and go bother others rather than build. He is certainly a kid who has the talent and skill when it is applied. I think he was just unable to focus any longer and redirected his energies. Unfortunately, it also happened to bother those around him as well. I plan to do another Group Report tomorrow morning before the kids get started on their group builds so I can address it during that time.

I have noticed though that Group 2 works very well together and has gotten a lot done. Looking at their build, you can definitely see that they’ve planned things out. This group talks the entire time and communicates exactly what they are doing. They make sure to ask permission before assisting another team member, and they’ve gotten really good at compromising and accepting ideas from others. If I could record video and post it of their work ethic, I totally would.

Group 1 is rather the opposite. I will give them credit that for the rest of the morning after their group meeting they did attempt to work together and communicate. They were doing much better. After lunch this all went out the window. They know what they need to fix and how to fix it, but it does take time to get them to the point where they can actually together. I don’t think I can expect any kind of miracle, but I do expect them to show improvement, and they gave me that, so I am thankful.

Tomorrow the newspaper is supposed to come and see the Makershop so they can do a write-up. I had also invited the superintendent, but I don’t think he will come. I sent him a reminder email yesterday, but heard nothing back. That’s okay though. I know that with summer in swing, he’s got a lot on his plate most likely.

I will showcase final collaborative builds tomorrow so be on the lookout!

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