Twitter Transcript: #minecraftED on Linking Real/Virtual Worlds & Collaboration

Sadly, I once again had to miss #minecraftED. Unlike last week, I was busy moderating #wvedchat. This is why I’m always thankful to have the transcripts after each edchat at my fingertips. It makes catching up much easier, and allows me to reflect when I have my own free time.

Tonight the topic was on linking the real and virtual worlds together with global collaboration. I use Tweetdeck for my Twitter needs, so as I was moderating #wvedchat, I would glance over every now and then to see some amazing examples shared by the participants of #minecraftED. There are many talented teachers to connect with in that group!

Transcript here

#MinecraftED meets every Tuesday at 8 PM. Mark Grundel (@mgrundel) and Garrett.Z (@PBJellyGames) are the founders of the chat, and ones to follow for notices about the chat itself.

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