Twitter Transcript: #MinecraftED on Gifted/Talented Students

I was sad to miss this chat, as I had looked forward to it, but I had a late afternoon interview, and didn’t get home until right before it started. Hunger prevailed and so I finally took a chance to read the transcript today. There are definitely a lot of things to consider, and if I do end up back in the classroom next year, things I will make sure to remember.

Transcript here

Also, please remember that on 6/28 #minecraftED will be switching to #MinecraftEDU for its chat hashtag. Please make a note if you are a follower of this chat!

#MinecraftED meets every Tuesday at 8 PM. Mark Grundel (@mgrundel) and Garrett.Z (@PBJellyGames) are the founders of the chat, and ones to follow for notices about the chat itself.

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