Twitter Transcript: #wvedchat on Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Tonight’s #wvedchat was a little bit different than it usually it. Instead of focusing on one topic and being asked questions, the chat focused on posting one topic in education and respondees had to give it a thumbs up or down and explain why. Derek Oldfield was the host, and had decided to pick topics that aren’t easily determined to be thumbs up or down in many cases. Like many topics, there’s always a large grey area in between.

Tonight’s topics:

1. Retention
2. Mastery-based Schooling
3. Online or Virtual Classes for K12 Students
4. 18 Hours of PD Each Year
5. Annual Teacher Evaluations
6. Homework
7. Letter Grades
8. Merit Pay

Transcript can be found here.

#wvedchat meets every other Tuesday at 8 PM as well. Derek Oldfield (@Mr_Oldfield) is one to follow for notices about the chat itself.


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