Registration for WVSTC 2016 is Open!

Last month I made a post about the proposals I was submitting for WVSTC 2016. WVSTC, better known as the West Virginia Statewide Technology Conference, occurs each year in July. I’ve been going since 2014, and during that time it’s always been held at the Waterfront Place Hotel. This year it will be held July 19-21st.

On Wednesday of last week registration for the conference itself opened. I totally jumped on it, as I didn’t want to miss out. There were pre-sessions I wanted to make sure to attend, and I swear that this year’s list of pre-sessions is even better than last year’s. Check out some of the options:

– Minecraft in West Virginia K12 Schools
– Talking = Learning with Hands-on Manipulatives and Digital Storyboarding

– Bring Science to Life through elementary robotics with LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

– Get Your Classrooms Ready to Code (using Swift and Xcode 7)
– Real-World STEM Learning in the Classroom


The pre-sessions are optional and not included with the regular attendee fee. Each session is 3 hours and costs $50.

Attendance for the regular conference is $150. If you are selected to present, however, the cost drops to $75. There are addition options for attendance, specifically if you are a student or bringing a student with you. The attendance fee gives you access to the following:

  • All conference sessions
  • Tuesday Opening Luncheon
  • Opening Keynote
  • Wednesday Luncheon
  • Wednesday Exhibitor Reception
  • Thursday Luncheon
  • Access to the Exhibitor Area

If you’re interested in attending, go to the WVSTC website to register. Links and conference codes for hotels are also available there. If you’re interested in checking out the vendor list so far, click here. It’s always being updated and changing, so make sure to check back often.

If it’s your first time attending WVSTC, or you’re not sure about attending, don’t fear. There are many options to suit the needs of all different kinds of educators. My advice is try to network some before hand. I’ve found this conference is always better when you have some fellow colleagues from around the state with you!

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