Twitter Transcript: #wvedchat on Educators and Blogging

I promise that more updates are coming soon on my reading of Teach Like a Pirate, as well an an update on my #vaedtech journey. However, tonight’s #wvedchat is special to me because it was my first time hosting/moderating one! One of the leaders of #wvedchat, Derek, sent out a notice that there wasn’t a topic for this week’s chat yesterday. He would gladly take over if no one volunteered. On a whim, I decided to set up some ideas on educators and blogging. I want to see more educators using a blog as their way of reflecting and growing, and this was my chance.

I prepped my 5 questions, and I even did some images with text on them to add throughout the hour. Eventually I changed one of my questions and added a 6th one. I was definitely worried that not as many people would be interested in the topic, but we had a pretty good turnout in the end. I did my very best to keep up and reply to as many people as possible. I didn’t want anyone feeling left out or unnoticed. There were so many good points made tonight, and I’m very proud of the WV educators that added their voices to the conversation.

Tonight’s #wvedchat link

#wvedchat meets every other Tuesday at 8 PM as well. Derek Oldfield (@Mr_Oldfield) is one to follow for notices about the chat itself.


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