Student Resource: Install Office 365 Guide

Every student in K-12 in West Virginia has access to a Microsoft Office 365 account. Having access gives students their own email address, and access to all of Microsoft’s many Office tools. One big perk of having a Microsoft account is that every user receives 5 free licenses for Office 365 to do with as they please. For our students, this means they can download the software to their home computer, or to another friend or family member’s computer. They can also download the apps onto a tablet.

One of the biggest problems I’ve come across is that students want to download the software at home, but they forget how to do so, or they don’t understand the written directions given to them by the technology office at the BOE. I’ve had to explain to students many times how to do so, but it can be very frustrating for them.

To counter this, when I gave my 5th grade students their email accounts, I created a picture guide to help them download the software at home. I prefer this guide to the BOE one because the visuals help point the user in the right direction.

If you’d like to download the file, follow the link below. Remember, your school or district needs to be using Microsoft Office 365 accounts with staff and students. Otherwise, this form won’t help you at all!

Grab the file: Click here

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